Edith.jpgHi! And welcome to my website!

I'm Edith Leigh, Studio Potter & Ceramic Artist for well over 20 years.

I was fortunate to train and exhibit my work alongside some of Australia's best Studio Potters in South Australia for many years.


I've been based in SE Queensland for over 11 years now as we moved here in pursuit of better weather and a more relaxed lifestyle.

I have worked with all styles of clay but for a lot of years I worked mainly with 'Earthenware' clays due to their ability to maintain vibrant colours in everyday functional ware.. bowls, platters etc.

I'm now on a new page of my journey.. mainly working with high-end Australian produced porcelain clays!


Koala on Card.jpg

Combined with my love and appreciation of all things Australian, I have recently developed a line of beautiful, delicate porcelain 'Australiana' animal souvenirs.

..Starting with none other than the gorgeous koala!

This is just my little contribution to bring public awareness to the importance of our unique wildlife.. by creating little Aussie souvenirs that will delight our international as well as local visitors.


Logo Bowl.jpg


 Order your unique handcrafted porcelain Koala pins HERE





Some Of My Earlier Works....


Terracotta Work.jpg

Country Kitchen in the City..

Porcelain on Terracotta

Chi Range.jpg

Japanese inspired 'Chi' (Qi) Sushi Set..

White earthenware