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Australian Souvenirs

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I have started my brand new 'Australiana' range of handmade Australian Souvenirs with the gorgeous Aussie Koala!


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These carefully handcrafted, delicate "Australiana" porcelain fashion pins are intended to each have their own uniqe 'personality', so that no two are exactly the same. 


You can easily ORDER HERE - We ship to anywhere in Australia FREE of Charge!


Here's how these hand made Australian Souvenirs are produced:

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It all starts with sourcing one of the most unique, finest quality porcelain clays in the world..

The superior porcelain I use to produce these gorgeous handmade ceramic jewellery pieces was developed and is produced here in Australia.


And now for the 'nitty gritty' ..a rough outline of my production process...

.. The porcelain clay is hand wedged (wedging is a term used for "kneading" the clay to improve it's texture and durability),

.. each koala is separately formed, then left to dry,

.. each one is then carefully 'sponge bathed' to remove any sharp edges, ps. they are ridiculously fragile at this stage, 


.. loaded into my kiln and bisque fired to 900 degrees Celcius.


The following day, when the kiln has cooled off, the koala's are removed and..

.. hand waxed on the under side to prevent any glaze from sticking to them later on,

.. each one is hand painted with high quality superfine brushes using specialty underglaze colours  (with lots of love and patience lol!), with a minimum of 30 brush-strokes per piece (.. but who's counting? Smile)

.. each one is then carefully glazed with my own 'secret formula' glaze recipe that I developed over 20 years ago which gives them a lovely shine and a nice feel to the touch,

.. they're loaded back into my kiln and 'glaze fired' to around 1200 degrees Celcius. (For those of you who have worked with porcelain, you'd know that porcelain usually fires a lot higher, however I did say the porcelain I use is unique Cool)


The following day or so later, when the kiln has finally cooled off, they are removed and..

.. the backs are hand sanded to remove any remaining fine "grit",

.. the backing pins are then mounted,

.. each koala is then pinned to a card and ready to fly, drive or sail to anywhere in the world you wish to surprise someone with a unique hand made gift!


While they're a fun little gift idea that can easily be transported to delight your family and friends both locally and overseas, they also bring an awareness to the protection and upkeep of our very unique wildlife downunder.


koala.jpgTo me, these beautiful creatures are the essence of "cool, calm and collected".  If you ask me, we could learn a thing or two from these awesome marsupials ;)


Whilst they may appear a little shy.. fact is they're not too bothered with the rest of us as they're quite content with just chilling out!


They don't rush around aimlessly, they don't pick on other animals, they look after their young and as long as they've got a good supply of Eucalyptus trees and their succulent leaves, they're happy.

What's not to love about them?!



Thanks for visiting and thank you for your patience as this website is being built.


Warm Regards,

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Order your unique handcrafted porcelain Koala pins HERE

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